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Are you in search of a comprehensive solution tailored for creative teams or agencies? Look no further than, a versatile platform designed to streamline project management and collaboration. Here’s how you could revolutionize your teams:


Design Requests & Approvals

Empowering creative teams is at the core of’s design request and approval system. Gone are the days of fragmented communication and scattered ideas. With, creative employees can swiftly transform their brainstorms into actionable projects by populating design idea boards. These boards boast customizable templates, ensuring all necessary information is efficiently collected from the get-go. What’s more, team members can solicit feedback from colleagues or even the entire team, fostering a collaborative environment where every voice is heard. Once an idea matures into an official project request, facilitates seamless approval processes. Team members can effortlessly route projects to the appropriate stakeholders for review, eliminating bottlenecks and accelerating project lifecycles.

Project Workflows

Project workflows empower teams to visualize and optimize project workflows with unparalleled ease. From ideation to execution, every step of the process is meticulously tracked and managed. With customizable workflows, teams can tailor to suit their unique project requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and accountability. Automated task assignments facilitate smooth handoffs between team members, reducing manual overhead and ensuring projects progress seamlessly from one stage to the next. By centralizing project workflows within, teams can eliminate silos, enhance transparency, and deliver projects on time and within budget.

Auto Assignment of Tasks

Efficient task allocation is essential for maintaining project momentum and maximizing team productivity. With’s auto-assignment feature, teams can automate the distribution of tasks based on predefined criteria, such as workload or skillset. By removing the need for manual task assignment, teams can free up valuable time to focus on high-impact activities, driving innovation and driving results.

Emails & Activities

Effective communication within your teams lies at the heart of successful project management. integrates seamlessly with email, ensuring all team members stay informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle. From project updates to task assignments, keeps teams connected and informed, fostering collaboration and driving project success. Additionally,’s activity tracking feature provides real-time insights into project progress, enabling teams to identify bottlenecks and address issues before they escalate.

Workload Widget

Balancing workload across your teams is essential for maintaining productivity and preventing burnout.’s workload widget provides teams with a bird’s-eye view of individual workloads, allowing managers to allocate resources effectively and mitigate overload risks. By identifying resource constraints early on, teams can proactively adjust project timelines and priorities, ensuring optimal resource utilization and project success.

Dashboards’s customizable dashboards provide teams with actionable insights into project performance and progress. From KPI tracking to milestone monitoring, dashboards offer a visual representation of project data, empowering teams to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement. With drag-and-drop functionality, teams can personalize dashboards to align with their specific goals and objectives, ensuring maximum visibility and alignment across the organization.

Creative Production Board On

In conclusion, offers a comprehensive solution for creative teams and agencies seeking to streamline project management and collaboration. From design requests to project workflows, empowers teams to achieve their goals with efficiency and ease. With features such as auto-assignment of tasks, email integration, workload widgets, and customizable dashboards, is the ultimate tool for driving innovation and delivering exceptional results. Unlock the full potential of your teams today.


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