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How to Sign Up for

How to Sign Up for

If you have decided is right for you, please use the following steps to create an account:


Screenshot Of Clientsync Website

  • On the top right corner, click on “Try free for 14 days” or click HERE directly.

Free Trial Button On Clientsync Website

  • This will take you to’s plan options, where you can choose which plan you would like to try. Here you can see what the different plans offer. The free trial always puts you on the pro plan so do not worry too much about which one you choose now. You can always change it before your 14 days is up. That way you have a chance to understand the platform a little better before you decide which plan is right for you.

Free Trial Page

  • You will then be asked to create an account.'S Create Account- Add Email
Create Account- Name Account

  • Then it will ask you some questions to help them better understand your needs.

What Brings You Here Today

How Many People On Board?
What Will You Be Managing?
What Will You Be Focusing On?
How Did You Hear About Us?

  • Next it will ask you if you want to add team members. If you want to invite anyone else to the account, you can do this now. Or you can add them later after you’ve gotten settled.

Add Team Members

  • Then it is going to help you set up your first board. Please note that you are going to be able to make as many boards as you want so do not stress about getting this one right. It can all be edited or deleted later.  Think of this as a practice round. The first step is to name your board. Some examples of common boards are Projects, Lead Tracker, Contacts or Employee Onboarding.

Creating Board- Name Board

  • Next, choose some columns you’d like to add. There are dozens of column options and most are not even listed here. You can add as many as you want later so again, don’t stress this step. But for a Projects board for example, you may want a status column and a due date column.

Create Board- Choose Columns

  • Now it is going to ask you what you want to name the header of your first column. Will this board be focused on leads, tasks, contacts or what? You can even type your own using the custom option. Again, this can be changed later! On the right, it will show you what your board is starting to look like.

Add An Item Header

  • Next it will ask you to add different views. I honestly would not add views yet. It is always better to get your main table created first. But again, these can be added, edited or deleted later so feel free to choose a few if you’d like. Here are what some of the different views look like. The calendar view, for example, is ideal if you are creating an events board and you want to see all your events on a calendar.

Add CalendarAdd Gantt Chart

Add KanbanAdd Timeline

  • Next it will ask you to add your first items. I suggest just clicking next as you can add, edit and delete from the main table. But if you already know exactly what you want here, go for it. An example would be, if creating a Contacts board, adding all the contacts’ names. Once this step is complete, it is going to take you to your first board.

How To Sign Up For

  • Congrats! You made it into your account! Here, you can add workspaces, boards, groups, items and so much more. I hope this helped you understand how to sign up for If you want a expert to help you set up your monday boards, ClientSync Solutions is here to help.

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